Disciplined Conscript

Disciplined Conscript Armor Set

The Disciplined Conscript armor set was a Tier 1 Galactic Command outfit that level 70 subscribed players could earn through the Galactic Command system. Now the armor is retired - it can occassionally be found on the GTN being sold by players who earned it in the past. This set is wearable by characters on either faction at any level on any class.

How to Earn Galactic Command Armors

Galactic Command Crates are earned naturally by level 70 subscribed players. These crates contain a random assortment of gear and items, including cosmetic gear. Galactic Command Crate gear refers to the random orange-bordered cosmetic armor found in these crates, which can also be bought and sold on the GTN.

Galactic Command Tier 1 cosmetic armor drops from Command Crates around level 1-89.

Buying the Disciplined Conscript Armor Set from the GTN with Credits

Pieces of the Disciplined Conscript set can be found on the GTN, which is an auction house where players can buy and sell unbound items. To find the GTN at level 10 or higher, look for the Galactic Trade Network section of the Republic or Imperial Fleet.

The availability of Galactic Command sets on the GTN depends on how many players got that piece at random, and how many took the time to list the item on the GTN.

Disciplined Conscript Armor Pieces

  • Disciplined Conscript [head]
  • Disciplined Conscript [chest]
Disciplined Conscript [chest]
Disciplined Conscript [head]