Battlemaster Weaponmaster

About the Battlemaster Weaponmaster Armor Set

The Battlemaster Weaponmaster armor set crafting schematic could be earned by players in previous expansions. This crafted armor set can occasionally be found on the GTN being sold by veteran players who have the schematic.This set is wearable only by Imperial characters, who are level 50 or higher on any Imperial class in the Outfit Designer but is restricted to characters that can wear medium armor in the normal equipment slots, which includes Imperial Agents and Sith Warrior Marauders, and classes that can wear heavy armor including Bounty Hunters and Sith Warrior Juggernauts, though they will receive a stat penalty.

Battlemaster Weaponmaster Armor Pieces

  • Battlemaster Weaponmaster’s Headgear
  • Battlemaster Weaponmaster’s Vest
  • Battlemaster Weaponmaster’s Leggings
  • Battlemaster Weaponmaster’s Boots
  • Battlemaster Weaponmaster’s Gloves
  • Battlemaster Weaponmaster’ Waistcord
  • Battlemaster Weaponmaster’s Bracers

Battlemaster Weaponmaster Armor Pieces Images