Eternal Battler Boltblaster

About the Eternal Battler Boltblaster Armor Set

The Eternal Battler Boltblaster armor set is an Eternal Championship armor set that level 65 players can earn after Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire by completing later rounds of the Eteral Championship duels.This set is wearable by characters on either faction at any level on any class.

How to Earn Eternal Championship Armors

Eternal Championship armors can be purchased with Eternal Championship Trophies, an item earned from completing the later rounds of the Eternal Championship duels, special fights where you can face off with some of Zakuul's greatest fighters. To start the Eternal Championship, on Zakuul travel to the Platform 6 Cantina. Once there, speak to the questgiver, and then pick up the quests on the terminal. These quests require that you have already finished Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire.


  • [Solo] Eternal Championship - Pick this up to allow you to complete the other Weekly quests
  • [Solo+] Eternal Championship - Do not take this quest, if you are on the Solo+ version you will not earn any token rewards
  • [Weekly] Defeat Supreme Vindicator Lanos (Fifth Boss) - 1 Eternal Championship Trophy
  • [Weekly] Defeat Nocturno and Drake Raven (Seventh Boss) - 1 Eternal Championship Trophy
  • [Weekly] Defeat Eternal Champion Zotar (Tenth/Final Boss) - 4 Eternal Championship Trophies


  • Head 6 Credits
  • Chest 6 Credits
  • Legs 6 Credits
  • Boots 6 Credits
  • Gloves 6 Credits
  • Belt 6 Credits
  • Bracers 6 Credits

Eternal Battler Boltblaster Armor Pieces

  • Eternal Battler Boltblaster [head]
  • Eternal Battler Boltblaster [chest]
  • Eternal Battler Boltblaster [legs]
  • Eternal Battler Boltblaster [boots]
  • Eternal Battler Boltblaster [gloves]
  • Eternal Battler Boltblaster [belt]
  • Eternal Battler Boltblaster [bracers]

Eternal Battler Boltblaster Armor Pieces Images

Eternal Battler Boltblaster [chest]
Eternal Battler Boltblaster [head]
Eternal Battler Boltblaster [legs]
Eternal Battler Boltblaster [boots]
Eternal Battler Boltblaster [gloves]
Eternal Battler Boltblaster [belt]

Eternal Battler Boltblaster Armor Set

Eternal Battler Boltblaster Screenshots

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