About the Emergency Power Armor Set

The Emergency Power armor set is a Set-bonus armor set that players can get in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This set is wearable by characters on either faction, who are level 75 or higher, but is only wearable by Troopers and Bounty Hunters, even in the Outfit Designer.

Set Bonus Armor

Most set bonus items can be purchased from the Tech Fragment vendors, but the Emergency Power set must be earned. This set is a possible drop for Troopers and Bounty Hunters in the Nature of Progress Operation (the Dxun Operation.)

Legacy Bound

Legacy bound armor is armor that can be transferred between your characters on your server. Pieces of the Emergency Power set can be purchased on one of your characters, and then sent to another one of your characters on the same server. Players often use legacy-bound armor to share a set between multiple characters for endgame Flashpoints, Operations, PvP or general questing at a high level.

Emergency Power Armor Pieces

  • Emergency Power Helmet
  • Emergency Power Body Armor
  • Emergency Power Legplates
  • Emergency Power Boots
  • Emergency Power Gauntlets
  • Emergency Power Belt
  • Emergency Power Vambraces

Emergency Power Armor Pieces Images

Emergency Power Armor Set

Emergency Power Screenshots

This set does not have screenshots available yet on swtorista.com. You can still use the sidebar to learn about how to get it, but there is no preview currently available for the Emergency Power set.

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