Dire Retaliation

Dire Retaliation Armor Set

The Dire Retaliation armor set can be obtained by through Kai Zykken as a randomized reward for level 75+ players.This set is wearable by characters on either faction, who are level 75 or higher, but is only wearable by Sith Inquisitors and Jedi Consulars, even in the Outfitter tab.

Kai Zykken Armor

Kai Zykken, a unique vendor located in the Supplies section of the Fleet, sells an item called an Unidentified Onslaught Set Bonus Gear. In the 6.0 expansion, it was a way to potentially get cheaper Set Bonus pieces, or collect pieces that were hard to get from other methods. In later expansions, this Unidentified box is the only way to get the old level-75 Set Bonus gear if you are seeking one of the cosmetic looks like the Dire Retaliation.

Unfortunately the box is highly randomized, so getting a specific piece, is a huge pain, and the duplicate protection added in 7.0 does not seem to be fully functioning.

Randomization Rules

  • Kai Zykken will attempt to give you a level 75 Set Bonus item that matches your current Discipline, or a generic Set Bonus item.
  • Kai Zykken is not supposed to give you duplicates, but he often does.
  • He sometimes also just takes your credits and tech frags and gives you nothing. Known Issue
  • Duplicate protection kinda works for discipline-specific sets, so if you put ones you have collected in your INVENTORY you should not get duplicates of them (in 6.0, putting things in the grene cargo bank seemed to help, itm ay not anymore). If you are lucky. Lol. The generic items may or may not have duplicate protection.
  • Here is a spreadsheet that might help
  • Unless he gets fixed in a future update (as of 7.0.2 still bugged) I do not recommend wasting precious tech fragments chasing this gear. Sorry.

Titles: If you complete the achievement for collecting a full set of any Kai Zykken armor set, you'll get a matching title!

Legacy Bound

Legacy bound armor is armor that can be transferred between your characters on your server. Pieces of the Dire Retaliation set can be obtained on one of your characters, and then sent to another one of your characters on the same server. you can also stamp Legacy-bound armors into the Outfitter tab for as many of your characters as you'd like without the item being stuck on one character.

Dire Retaliation Armor Pieces

  • Dire Retaliation [head]
  • Dire Retaliation [chestpiece]
  • Dire Retaliation [legs]
  • Dire Retaliation [boots]
  • Dire Retaliation [gloves]
  • Dire Retaliation [belt]
Dire Retaliation [chestpiece]
Dire Retaliation [head]
Dire Retaliation [legs]
Dire Retaliation [boots]
Dire Retaliation [gloves]
Dire Retaliation [belt]

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