Elegant Armor Set

The Elegant armor set is the Coruscant / Dromund Kaas Social armor set that players can purchase after earning the Social Level I achievement in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This set is wearable by female characters on either faction at any level on any class.

The Coruscant Social Vendor is down the stairs in front of the Senate.

How to Get the Elegant Armor Set

The Elegant Armor Set can only be bought from the Social Vendor on the Fleet by characters who have unlocked the Social Level I achievement. You can gain Social levels by completing activities through the groupfinder. Social Guide

  • Head 300 Credits
  • Chest 300 Credits
  • Legs 300 Credits
  • Boots 300 Credits
  • Gloves 250 Credits

Elegant Armor Pieces

  • Elegant Hat
  • Elegant Dress
  • Elegant Pants
  • Elegant Slippers
  • Elegant Gloves
Elegant Dress
Elegant Hat
Elegant Pants
Elegant Slippers
Elegant Gloves

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