About the Prisoner Armor Set

The Prisoner armor set is the Belsavis Social armor set that players can earn at Social Level V in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This set is wearable by characters on either faction at any level on any class.

How to Get the Prisoner Armor Set from Social Points & Vendor

The Prisoner Armor Set can only be bought from the planetary Social Vendor on Belsavis by characters who have reached Social Level V. You can gain social points by running content in a group with other players, including Flashpoints, Operations and Heroics.

  • Head 300 Credits
  • Chest 300 Credits
  • Legs 300 Credits
  • Boots 250 Credits
  • Gloves 250 Credits

The Republic Belsavis Social Vendor is on the first map, in the Prisoner Administration Center cantina.

Prisoner Armor Pieces

  • Prisoner's Hat
  • Prisoner's Shirt
  • Prisoner's Pants
  • Prisoner's Shoes
  • Prisoner's Gloves

Prisoner Armor Pieces Images

Prisoner's Shirt
Prisoner's Hat
Prisoner's Pants
Prisoner's Shoes
Prisoner's Gloves