Pilot Armor Set

The Pilot armor set is a Reputation armor set that players can earn in Star Wars: The Old Republic by reaching rank with reputation faction. This set is wearable by characters on either faction at any level on any class.


Reputation armors are earned by completing specific quests for a specific faction over a long period of time. This set requires rank with .

  • Head 70 Credits
  • Chest 80 Credits
  • Legs 70 Credits
  • Boots 60 Credits
  • Gloves 60 Credits

Pilot Armor Pieces

  • Pilot's Helmet
  • Pilot's Tunic
  • Pilot's Pants
  • Pilot's Boots
  • Pilot's Gloves
Pilot's Tunic
Pilot's Helmet
Pilot's Pants
Pilot's Boots
Pilot's Gloves