Teslok's Profile

Craiya, Imperial Agent, The Ebon Hawk

Craiya is my (sniper) main; her full name is Csiros'craiya'teslok, though even among friends, most call her Agent Teslok. Her loyalties are currently divided between the Ascendancy and the Empire; she is not certain which side she would choose if given conflicting orders. Though the Ascendancy is treaty-bound to not influence or obstruct her work in the Empire, Family Teslok, being newly-formed, is not necessarily bound by that treaty.

Kaprice, Bounty Hunter, The Ebon Hawk

Kaprice left Csilla at a young age--young, even for chiss--to seek fame and fortune. She chose a name that suits her capricious personality, and occasionally keeps in touch with her bemused family.

Celai, Sith Warrior, The Ebon Hawk

Celai is snotty and rude, perpetually cranky, and just a little bit spoiled.