SWTOR Social Gear Guide and Screenshots

Hutt Cartel (Quesh Social) Ulgo Noble (Alderaan Social) Voss Mystic (Voss Social) Hailstorm Brotherhood (Hoth Social)

Social gear was one of the earliest types of adaptive armor added to the game, allowing players to look like Voss Mystics, Nobles, Slave Girls and Wampas, all while actually being troopers or Jedi and not taking any stat penalties. Social points are gained through participating in SWTOR activities with other players.

What is adaptive social armor?

Adaptive armor can be worn by any class, with any armor weight type. It does not matter if your character wears light, medium, or heavy armor, they will not take a armor penalty for wearing social adaptive armor. The armor comes "blank" in terms of stats - you must fill it up with armorings, enhancements and mods to suit your level.

How do I find my social level?

Open your character sheet in SWTOR ('C' on your keyboard by default). you can wear social gear at your social level and below.

Gaining Social Points and Levels in SWTOR

CorSec (Corellia Social) Balmorran Resistance (Balmorra Social) Prisoner (Belsavis Social) Formal (Male Social)

Gaining social points while playing TOR is fairly easy, but it can be time consuming to grind from I to X . You can gain points by interacting with other players through flashpoint and quest conversations, as well as by downing operation bosses. The more players you participate with these in, the more points you get. The more grouped content you complete while levelling, the easier it will be to gain social levels.

Overlevelled Flashpoints

The quickest and easiest way to gain social points is by running easy Storymode Flashpoints with four people. You gain social points through the flashpoint's conversations, so all you have to do is run through the content as quick as possible (one-shotting mobs and bosses with a higher level character, spacebarring through conversations). The most comon flashpoint to run for this purpose is The Esseles/Black Talon, simply advertise in General Chat on the fleet that you are looking to do a social run through it. Others may join to gain social points or to gain lightside/darkside points.

Appropriate Level Flashpoints

If you are less than three levels above the Flashpoint you are running, you will receive social points from every boss you defeat, on top of conversation social points for that flashpoint!


You can also gain social points from every boss you defeat in an Operation. Operations are most often run with a total of eight people at level 50 and over.

Quest Conversations

Every time you complete a conversation with another player, you gain social points. The person who rolls higher to answer wins more social points, but everyone in it gets some, and the more players in the conversation the more points you gain. Characters levelling with a partner can quickly gain social points, and characters that are already 50 can gain social points from daily quest conversations.

SWTOR Social Gear

Social gear can be purchased from Social vendors on various SWTOR planets across the galaxy, often from cantinas and on the first map of the planet. All classes and factions can wear Social gear.

Capital Planet Social I Gear Elegant Set/Formal Set

Coruscant Elegant FemaleCoruscant Formal Male

Nar Shaddaa Social II Gear Slave Girl Set, female only

Nar Shaddaa Slave Girl

Balmorra Social II Gear Balmorran Resistance Set

Balmorran Resistance ScreenshotBalmorran Resistance Screenshot

Tatooine Social Gear III Sand People Set

Tatooine Sand People Set Female ScreenshotTatooine Sand People Set

Alderaan Social Gear III Ulgo Noble Set

Alderaan Ulgo Noble Female ScreenshotAlderaan Ulgo Noble Back

Hoth Social Gear IV Hailstorm Brotherhood Set

Hoth Hailstorm Brotherhood ScreenshotHoth Hailstorm Brotherhood Screenshot

Taris Social IV Gear Death Claw Set

Taris Death Claw ScreenshotTaris Death Claw Screenshot

Quesh Social IV Gear Hutt Cartel Set

Quesh Hutt Cartel ScreenshotQuesh Hutt Cartel Screenshot

Corellia VI Social Gear CorSec Set

Corellia CorSec ScreenshotCorellia CorSec Screenshot

Voss Social V Gear Voss Mystic Set

Voss Mystic ScreenshotVoss Mystic Screenshot

Belsavis Social Gear V Prisoner Set

Belsavis Prisoner Screenshot