How to take a Good (Great!) Screenshot in SWTOR

Taking a great screenshot in SWTOR is about as difficult as winning a PvP match: you need to know your keybinds, others around you need to co-operate, adjusting your settings can make a huge performance difference and practice will always make you better. Best part is, if you take a bad screenshot, you don't respawn to medcenter! This guide will explain how to turn off the SWTOR UI, take screenshots in cutscenes, and improve your screenshots.

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How do I take a screenshot in SWTOR?

Simply press Print Screen above your arrows on your keyboard! This will save a screenshot into your Documents folder on your computer. It often fails though, and usually does not work in cutscenes.

FRAPS: for screenshots in cutscenes!

FRAPS is a free, upgradeable screenshot and video capturing tool. It is extremely handy to have installed when taking screenshots in TOR, because screenshots in TOR are very finicky: screenshots don't work in cutscenes a lot of the time, and other times screenshots just don't work at all. FRAPS will get rid of all of those problems in one go.

Turn Off SWTOR UI (User Interface)

ALT+Z Turning off the TOR user interface will always improve your screenshots of environments, players or scenes. You can even try turning it off before a cutscene!

Turn Off Nameplates

ESC > Preferences > Nameplates Turning off nameplates for TOR screenshots is recommended for crowded or scenic shots - really anywhere you don't need to actually know who the person in the screenshot is.

Deselect and Don't Hover Over Characters/Enemies in View

Hovering over an enemy or character will give it a scan-line blue highlight - move your mouse out of the way for a more natural looking screenshot. Having an enemy or character selected will automatically give it a nameplate and a circle selector under it, so either have Deselect Target upon Clicking on Terrain checked on the Controls menu so you can just click on the ground or select an enemy/character that is out of the screenshot's view.

Lighting is Key for Character Screenshots

Try turning your character around in a circle using your right mouse btn btn-primary. Whether or not the light is hitting directly or not makes a big difference.

Different Planets Have Different Lighting

Alderaan, Makeb and Tatooine have the brightest and most natural lighting, and are what I use for most of my armor screenshots. They are good planets for showing off mounts, armor, characters, etc.

... However, Dark Planets Have Uses Too

Taking screenshots on a dark planet like Ilum or Imperial Taris can emphasize any item that glows, whether its a piece of armor, a lightsaber or an ability.