SWTOR Reputation Dye Modules and Schematics Guide

Galactic Reputation can be gained by doing the dailies, certain Heroics and weekly quests on their respective planets. Once you unlock a certain Reputation level with each faction, you will be able to purchase a Dye Schematic. Reputation is Legacy wide, so even though you may have earned the Reputation on one character you can still hop on your Artifice alt to craft the dye.

The dyes are unbound and may be traded, sold on the GTN, or given away. All of the schematics cost 100k credits and are bind on legacy. All dyes use the exact same materials and require a level 450 Artifice who has learned the schematic.

Artifice Reputation Dye Module Materials

SWTOR Reputation Dye Schematic
  • (4) Green Polychromic Crystal
  • (4) Lorridian Gemstone
  • (4) Red Polychromic Crystal
  • (4) Blue Polychromic Crystal
  • (1) Corusca Gem
SWTOR Light Gray and Deep Red (GSI) Dye Module Light Gray and Deep Red (GSI) Legend Rank, Galactic Solution Industries

Complete GSI dailies to gain reputation.

SWTOR  Dye Module Deep Red and Light Gray (Makeb) Legend Rank, Makeb Imperial Forces/Citizens of Makeb

Complete Makeb dailies and staged dailies to gain reputation.

SWTOR Deep Red and Black (Sec X) Dye Module Deep Red and Black (Sec X) Legend Rank, Imperial Guard on Belsavis/Republic Fifth Assault Battalion

Complete Section X dailies to gain reputation.

SWTOR Deep Blue and Black (Voss) Dye Module Deep Blue and Black (Voss) Champion Rank, The Voss

Complete specific Voss Heroic 4s to gain reputation.

SWTOR Black and Deep Blue (CZ-198) Dye Module Black and Deep Blue (CZ-198) Champion Rank, The Adjudicators/Ordnance Acquisition Corps

Complete CZ-198 dailies to gain reputation.

Black and Primary Red (Oricon) Champion Rank, The Dread Executioners/Strike Team Oricon

Complete Oricon dailies to gain reputation.

Thank you to Gladric and Aravail of Jung Ma for providing me with research, information, and screenshots of the schematics for these repuation dyes!