What is SWTOR Orange Gear and Equipment?

SWTOR orange gear is like a shell: it lets you wear it while still retaining your high stats stats available in the game. It is moddable because you can remove the inserts in it by default, and place your own inside. Some even come with no stats to start with!

What is moddable armor?

Moddable armor is any peice of equipment that can have its mods taken out and replaced. Moddable armor has an orange or purple border around the item (all orange items are moddable, most purple ones are). Moddable armor is a purely cosmetic and not needed for being able to complete content. Moddable armor can 'grow' with you as you level and progress... as you receive better mods, you can replace the old ones but keep the look of your gear.

How do I mod and upgrade moddable armor?

Ctrl+right-click the item in your inventory or while it's equipped. It will bring up a window if it is a moddable item. You can then click and drag the armoring, Mod, and Enhancement in and out of the slots in the new window. It costs credit to remove mods from a moddable item, but it is free to insert or replace old mods.

While you are levelling, you can receive new mods from quest rewards, flashpoint drops, or buy them using Planetary Commendations. Planetary Commendation vendors are available for all planets on the fleet. Once you have reached fifty, you may start receiving new armor from flashpoints and operations. You can rip apart this new armor and place it into a moddable shell of your choice.

How can I tell if armor is moddable or customizable?

Roll over the item in your inventory. If you can see the stats split up into three Armoring Mod and Enhancement, it is moddable. Belts and Bracers that are moddable only have an Armoing and a Mod. All orange-bordered items and most purple ones are moddable.

Where can I get moddable orange gear from in SWTOR?

While you are levelling, finishing quests chains often gives you a peice of orange gear. You can also search the GTN for moddable armor for sale by other players. Moddable gear can also be bought with commendations of all types, or sometimes even picked up from enemies. You can also craft alll kidns of moddable armor using Synthweaving and Armormech, or buy armor from the Cartel Market with Cartel Coins.