SWTOR KOTOR Lore Items, Armor and Cartel Outfit Sets

Love them or hate them, lore references from the extremely popular Knights of the Old Republic I and II have made their way into Star Wars: The Old Republic in the form of Cartel Pack outfits. These outfits are unique because their models are based around characters featured in these two games, released in 2003 and 2005.

Spoiler Alert! This page includes spoilers about KOTOR I and II.

Many of these items are not dyeable due to their unique "lore item" status, and can be obtained either on the GTN or by opening various Cartel packs. To learn more about their items and where they come from, click the SWTOR version on the left hand side.

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Bastila Shan Armor Set

"The Jedi do not believe in killing their prisoners. No one deserves execution, no matter what their crimes."
Bastila Shan was a key character in KOTOR I, as well as your fourth companion in the game. She is a Jedi: strict in her adherence to the Jedi Code, and highly oriented to the lightside. You "rescue" her from swoop gangs on Taris, and she eventually aids you in discovering about your mysterious past. She is famous among the Jedi both for having Battle Meditation (a unique Jedi power) as well as marrying Revan in her later years.

SWTOR Bastila Shan Armor Set
KOTOR Darth Malak and Darth Revan

Calo Nord Armor Set

"One. Two. Three. Smart."
Calo Nord was a bounty hunter in the first KOTOR game, a short, scary man your party runs into on multiple occasions before fighting him in a final showdown. He's known for his no-nonsense, no small-talk behaviour.

SWTOR Calo Nord Armor Set
KOTOR Calo Nord Armor Set

Carth Onasi Armor Set

"They say the Force can do terrible things to a mind. It can wipe away your memories and destroy your very identity."
Carth Onasi is your first companion in KOTOR I, and becomes a character that will stay with you until the end and even appears in KOTOR II. He was a pilot fighting for the Galactic Republic before joining you on your quest to save Bastila... and then beyond. He is known for being kind-hearted, mistrusting of others, and dual-wielding blaster pistols.

SWTOR Carth Onasi Armor Set
KOTOR Carth Onasi Armor Set

Darth Malak Armor Set

"What would have happened had our positions been reversed? What if fate had decreed I would be captured by the Jedi?"
Darth Malak is the pain protagonist in KOTOR I, as well as your final enemy in the game. Together he and Revan defeated the Mandalorians as Jedi... but somehow, both were turned to the darkside through some unknown corruption. Malak became Revan's apprentice. His most identifying physical feature is his prosthetic jaw, which he received in a fight against Revan.

SWTOR Darth Malak Armor Set
KOTOR Darth Malak Armor Set

Darth Nihilus Armor Set

"He cares nothing for the Sith or its teachings... or the Jedi. And when the Jedi are dead, he will feed on the galaxy, the Republic, and eventually, consume the Sith as well."
Darth Nihilus is a major antagonist in KOTOR II, in league with Darth Sion and Darth Traya. His name was never said aloud in the game, nor did he ever speak a decipherable word. He trained Visas Marr as his Shadow Hand, sending her out into the galaxy to quell a growing threat.

SWTOR Darth Nihilus Armor Set
KOTOR Darth Nihilus Armor Set

Darth Sion Armor Set

"...he is not a beast of flesh and blood."
Held together purely by the dark side of the Force, Darth Sion is a main antagonist in KOTOR II. Rather than dieing, he chose to preserve his fractured and decaying body. Darth Sion formed the Sith Triumvirate with Darth Traya and Darth Nihilus, sworn to restoring the Sith and destroying the Jedi.

SWTOR Darth Sion Armor Set
KOTOR Darth Sion Armor Set

Jolee Bindo Armor Set

"Oh, I get it. Let's play with the old man's head, is it? He's half-senile, he'll forget I said anything!"
Jolee Bindo was an older gray Jedi that joins you as a companion later in KOTOR I. His personality is fickle: teasing and crass at times, wise and calm during others. He self-imposed himself to the forests of Kashyyk before he joins you on your quest.

SWTOR Jolee Bindo Armor Set
KOTOR Jolee Bindo Armor Set

Mandalore the Preserver Armor Set

"Nice speech. I bet you tell yourself that every night so you can sleep. But I am accept who and what I am. I don't have to justify it with words. Victory in battle is my justification."
Mandalore the Preserver is a Mandalorian that joins your party anonymously in KOTOR II, though he is better known as Canderous Ordo from KOTOR I. From Mandalorian Basilisk War Droid pilot to heavy blaster wielder, this man is known for his prowess on the battlefield.

SWTOR Mandalore the Preserver Armor Set
KOTOR Mandalore the Preserver Armor Set

Mira Armor Set

"The next time you ask me a question I swear I'll shoot you in the head and dump you out the airlock."
Mira is a sassy, practical bounty hunter from Nar Shaddaa who may join your party in KOTOR II. When a hunt went wrong, she acquired a murderous, life-debt bound Wookie named Hanharr... who she would eventually be forced to fight.

SWTOR Mira Armor Set
KOTOR Mira Armor Set

Restored Triumvirate Armor Set

"Sith Armor is the standard issue armor for all Sith Assault Troopers on Taris during the planet-wide quarantine. Wearing the armor will cause other people to believe that you are of the Sith."
Better known as standard Sith Trooper armor in KOTOR I, this armor has a distinctive shape and sheen.

SWTOR Restored Triumvirate Armor Set
KOTOR Restored Triumvirate Armor Set

Revan Armor Set

"If he is lost out there, on the edge of the galaxy, if he finds whatever terrible thing he has seen, then he may not survive."
Revan is the main character in KOTOR I, though the player does not realize this until partway through the game. He is an incredibly power force-user, originally a Jedi who was turned to the darkside... and then gets to choose once again which path he will follow. He was incredibly charismatic, causing hundreds of Jedi to defect with him when he turned.

SWTOR Revan Armor Set
KOTOR Revan Armor Set

The Last Handmaiden Armor Set

"When you risk pain or death for another, there is no truer test of your beliefs and strength."
Also known as Brianna or Handmaiden, this woman may join your party in KOTOR II. She served under Jedi Master Atris in a secluded sanctum on Telos IV, before leaving to aid the Exile on their quest. Her personality leaned towards reservation and seclusion, her passion shown through the art and dance of combat.

SWTOR The Last Handmaiden Armor Set
KOTOR The Last Handmaiden Armor Set