How to Search SWTOR's GTN for Moddable Gear

Searching SWTOR's GTN can be an arduous taks - especially since it isn't always intuitive, and doesn't always work! Looking through the GTN can be one of the easiest ways to acquire a new look: all you need is a handful of credits.

The GTN (General Trade Network) alows TOR players to buy and sell items amongst themselves: if you happen upon an unbound item in your invetory you don't need, selling it on the GTN can make you some easy cash, especially if it is a moddable item. Likewise, the prices you see are created by the playerbase on your server: if something's too expensive, try checking back in a couple days. Any item that is unbound can be sold on the GTN, so for example, you will never find Underworld gear for sale on the GTN.

Accessing the GTN

The simplest way to access the GTN for both factions is from the fleet. There is also a "hidden" GTN on each capital planet.


The Republic GTN is located in the North-East quadrant of the Republic Fleet.


The Imperial GTN is located in the South-West quadrant of the Republic Fleet.

How to Search the GTN for Moddable Items

Follow these simple steps to search the GTN for customizable gear. Remember, the stats of the gear don't matter: if it's moddable, you can pull the modss out and replace them with mods with better stats.

Why is there no results?

Sometimes there simply may be no items that meet your search results. Most of the time, however, the GTN is glitching. Try to first add another search parameter (example, choose a rarity). Then, if that doesn't work, try removing a search parameter (example, set usable by to all).

Why are some items faded out?

You are either not the right class or the right level to wear this item. You can buy it, but not wear it.

Why is there Republic AND Imperial gear on the GTN?

The GTN is shared by both factions: anything the opposite faction puts up for sale is also available to you. There are some peice, like Inquistor or Bounty Hunter gear that are locked to a specific class and not just a specific armour weight.

Why do the items on the GTN appear differently on the opposite faction?

Some items look different when bought or transferred on the opposite faction's side. For example, I might place a red and black chestpeice on the GTN on the Imperial side, but if a Republic player searches for it on the GTN they might see it as white and silver.

How do I search for Dyes?

All dyes (even non-Cartel ones) are listed under Cartel Market Items -> Dyes.