Alderaan Fashion and the History of the Noble Houses in The Old Republic

Over 2,000 years before the Old Republic era, human colonists from Coruscant settled on the mountainous planet of Alderaan, bringing with them the tradition of Coruscant's nobility and leaving behind the concept of a bustling planet-wide city. The planet is ruled by a monarchy, with many houses vying for the throne and intricate power plays within the individual houses.

When the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, the Crown Prince of Alderaan removed his planet from the Republic. Due to past Sith invasions on the planet, this decision caused strife amongst the royal houses, eventually tearing them apart. Some allied with the Republic, some with the Empire, others only to themselves. This evolved into a civil war between the houses, the two largest being the Republic-backed House Organa and the Empire-backed House Thul.

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House Organa

House Organa, backed by the Republic, was the house notorious for ending Alderaan's alliance with the Republic during the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. After the death of its queen and crown prince, House Organa allied once again with the Republic in an attempt to piece together its warring houses. Organans have always been vocal supporters of the Republic, with the current leader of the house Duke Organa aiding the Republic with his own private battalion against both the Sith and their allied houses.

House Organa Batallion

House Organa's batallion, personally headed by Duke Organa, is spread across Alderaan attempting to ward off the Imperial interferance, House Ulgo, and the Killik. They are spread thin, but are very loyal to their house and to Alderaan.

House Thul

House Thul, backed by the Empire, has originally been exiled from the Alderaanian parliament due to a disgraceful ploy for power in an attempt to gain royalty status. House Thul, descended from wealthy merchants who bought their way into nobility, the house was unable to marry into a royal family because of the stigma the youth of their house carried. To combat this, they switched an Organan infant with a Thul baby and used the child as a potential bride for the crown prince. Once exposed, the the Thuk were exiled off of Alderaan, though they retained their culture and pride in poverty. Decades later House Thul was made an offer by the Empire, in which they would lend their aid to Imperial Troops and in return they would be returned to their former state of wealth and power on Alderaan.

House Ulgo

House Ulgo, much unlike many of the other houses, prides itself in its military experience and has removed itself from the aristocractic, traditional manner of the other noble houses. Every member of house Ulgo is required to serve in the military, producing generations of distinguished officers. When the Panteeran Queen died, and the Imperial invasion began, Bouris Ulgo attempted to rally the noble houses and push back the Sith invasion. Unsuccessful, he declared himself King of Alderaan and declared war on the Empire and House Thul. By taking the crown without consulting the other houses, House Ulgo became the target of both the Empire and the crossed Noble Houses.

House Rist

House Rist, well known for being legendary assassins and spies, originally was started by an Exchange crimlord who worked for Alderaanian nobility. Over time, he was given his own lands, and house Rist became a minor noble house, but still quietly practiced their criminal activities. After the exiled Thuls returned to Alderaan with the Empire's help, House Rist allied themselves with the newly revived house and started providing them with their underworld resources.

House Alde

House Alde is Alderaan's oldest surviving noble family, and they preserve this status with an obsession in lineage. They are eccentric, and fairly isolated, with a unique interest in the history and lore of Alderaan, while their nobles keep the House Alde bloodline pure to preserve the blood of the first King of Alderaan in their house. They are allied to House Organa (just as the original settlers allied to the Republic), and have been for over a century.

House Panteer

House Panteer was once a patron of the arts, believers in the beauty of Alderaan, and the house to have had the most Kings and Queens on the throne of Alderaan. Before the strife encountered in The Old Republic, they had had a proud and succesfull Panteer queen on the throne. When Bouris Ulgo made claim to the throne after her death, House Panteer challenged his rule immediately. In retaliation, House Ulgo burned their estates to the ground, leaving them impovershed and in hiding. Many see House Panteer as the rightful heir to the throne.

House Baliss

A minor noble house of Alderaan, House Baliss remained neutral during the civil strife between the houses. During this time, House Baliss became overrun by Killik and forced them out, after which they sought refuge with House Teraan. Taking advantage of Teraan's hospitality, House Baliss made the estate of House Teraan their new home.

House Teral

Closely related to House Panteer, House Teral was thrown into discord when Bouris Ulgo made his move for the crown. House Teral, a powerful trade house with a small fortune, were seen as a threat to the new King and House Ulgo began a campaign to shatter their trading contact. Although House Teral was not primarily militaristic, the attacks lead by House Ulgo were countered by the Teralian families. Constantly harried, bankrupt, and their diplomatic ambassador murdered, the house was eventually aided by the Jedi.

House Cortess

House Cortess is only accessible to the Imperial Agent during they class storyline. One of the oldest noble families, Cortess became a proxy of House Thul and the Empire.

House Teraan

House Teraan was another minor noble house, with an ancestral estate that was taken over by House Baliss. It was revealed by an unidentified smuggler that numerous houses actually owed this family antique debts.

House Syrush

One of the many smaller houses, House Syrush was overrun by the Killik, with only a few survivors held captive by the hive.

Statesmen, Citizens and Slaves of Alderaan

The citizens of Alderaan have a tendency to wear clothing that matches their beautiful surroundings, often with blue or brown colors. The statesmen and civilians generally avoid the flashy armor of the Nobles, and the armor of the warring houses.

... and don't forget, to arrive fashionably late, one must always travel by flying manta ray on Alderaan.

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