SWTOR Dye Modules Guide

TT-31A Elite Vanguard (Rep) RD-15A Hawk Chestguard Diatium Onslaught Chestguard (Rep) TT-15A Echelon Body Armor

SWTOR has finally released dye modules for your armor! Dye modules are used to change the colour of your armour. Dye modules are one-use each, and can be bought on the Cartel with Cartel Coins, crafted with Artifice, and there are a few special dyes available via the Collector's Edition and Security Vendor. Dyes became available in patch 2.1.

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Entire Armor

Primary Color: Green

Secondary Color: White

Primary and Secondary Dye Modules and Color

There are three types of dye modules: primary, secondary and primary-secondary. You can only use one dye module per peice of armor, so you can not use both a primary and a secondary dye module to create a new two-tone look: you can only use the two-tones provided by Bioware. More will be released over time though! Primary Dye Modules affect the main colour of the armor, Secondary Dye Modules affect the second colour of the armour, and primary-secondary affect both! There will be parts of the armor that is unaffected by Dyes: often metal or black peices will be left alone. Always preview your dye before you use it, or you will waste it! Old dye modules can be over-written by new ones.

Medium Pink
Deep Pink
Pale Red
Medium Red
Deep Red
Dark Red
Light Orange
Medium Orange
Deep Orange
Pale Yellow
Medium Yellow
Deep Yellow
Dark Yellow
Light Green
Medium Green
Deep Green
Dark Green
Pale Blue
Light Blue
Medium Blue
Dark Blue
Deep Blue
Light Purple
Medium Purple
Deep Purple
Dark Purple
Light Brown
Pale Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
Pale Gray
Light Gray
Medium Gray
Deep Gray

Dye Modules Source: How to Get Dyes

You will not be able to get one color from any source, each color will only be available from one of the methods below.

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Dye F.A.Q.

Which items are dyeable?

"The vast majority of items have been updated to include a Dye Module slot. You can tell whether a given item has a Dye Module slot by its tooltip. Certain categories of items do not have a Dye Module slot: items with a level requirement of less than 15, lore outfits (e.g., Jolee Bindo’s outfit), items of premium (green) quality and items which simply didn’t look good when dyed. However, all craftable items (from Synthweaving and Armormech) will have Dye Module slots. "

How does color matching work with dyes?

Legs, helmets, gloves and belts will color match to your new chest's color if you have dyed it, or you can leave them neutral by deselected the colour match box beside them in your Equipment window. Currently secondary-only dyes are bugged: They will only pick up the new secondary colour of your chest. Bioware is looking into the problem.

How do you search for dyes on the GTN?

Cartel Items -> Dyes.