SWTOR Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack Armor Screenshots

Released on July 9, 2013, with path 2.2.2. Looking for a guide that includes previews of the items/mounts? Check out Dulfy'sSWTOR Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack contents .

The Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack includes a random assortment of items from this list, from companion gifts to mounts. Some of the rewards included adaptive armor which can be worn by all classes and is bind-on-equip.

Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack Armor and Cosmetic Items

  • Mira’s Headband
  • Mira’s Jacket
  • Mira’s Pants
  • Mira’s Utility Belt
  • Mira’s Gauntlet
  • Mira’s Combat Boots
  • .
  • Diabolist Robes
  • Diabolist Lower Robes
  • Diabolist Sash
  • Diabolist Gloves
  • Diabolist Boots
  • Diabolist Bracers
  • .
  • Adept Scout Earpiece
  • Adept Scout Jacket
  • Adept Scout Pants
  • Adept Scout Utility Belt
  • Adept Scout Gloves
  • Adept Scout Boots
  • Adept Scout Bracers
  • .
  • Imperial Home Helmet
  • Imperial Home Shoulder Pads
  • Imperial Home Pants
  • Imperial Home Belt
  • Imperial Home Gloves
  • Imperial Home Cleats
  • .
  • Imperial Away Helmet
  • Imperial Away Shoulder Pads
  • Imperial Away Pants
  • Imperial Away Belt
  • Imperial Away Gloves
  • Imperial Away Cleats
  • .
  • Alde Statesman’s Coat
  • Alde Statesman’s Trousers
  • Alde Statesman’s Sash
  • Alde Statesman’s Gloves
  • Alde Statesman’s Boots
  • Alde Statesman’s Cuffs
  • .
  • Panteer Loyalist Helmet
  • Panteer Loyalist Chestguard
  • Panteer Loyalist Greaves
  • Panteer Loyalist Utility Belt
  • Panteer Loyalist Gauntlets
  • Panteer Loyalist Boots
  • Panteer Loyalist Bracers
  • .
  • Relnex’s Robes
  • Relnex’s Pants
  • Relnex’s Belt
  • Relnex’s Boots
  • Relnex’s Bracers
  • .
  • Black Efficiency Scanner
  • .

Supreme Mogul Armor

The Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack has a good mix of adaptive armor items, many of which are reskins. One armor set stands out though for being unique.

Starting off with a bit of exposed flesh, Mira's Armor Set pays omage to the spunky red-head who is a potential companion in KOTOR II. She's a bounty hunter, and holds a deadl lifedebt to an enraged wookie. Her jacket shows an open chest on males, and a green, low cut belly shirt for females.

The pack also has a chance of dropping more Huttball gear! This time the Home and Away armor features the Republic and Imperial logos. Either set can be worn by either side... so don't misjudge your enemy as a friend!

The set also continues with clothing from Alderaan, including the Panteer Loyalist Armor and Alde Statesman’s Armor.

For those who are looking for something simple but adaptive, there are two sets of very plain Jedi Robes that can be worn with any class, and don't have any crazy shoulder pads or chestplates. Relnex’s Armor and Diabolist Armor are nothing new in terms of looks, but they are easy to acquire.