SWTOR Cartel Skip Tracer's Packs Armor Screenshots

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The Skip Tracer's Packs includes a random assortment of items, from companion gifts to mounts. Some of the rewards included adaptive armor which can be worn by all classes and is bind-on-equip.

Skip Tracer's Packs Armor and Cosmetic Items

  • Fancy Reveler's Hatwear
  • Fancy Reveler's Top
  • Fancy Reveler’s Bottoms
  • .
  • Conservator’s Helmet
  • Conservator’s Robe
  • Conservator’s Leg Plates
  • Conservator’s Gloves
  • Conservator’s Boots
  • .
  • Despot’s Helmet
  • Despot’s Chest Plate
  • Despot’s Leggings
  • Despot’s Gloves
  • Despot’s Boots
  • .

Skip Tracer's Armor

The third ever released Cartel pack, the Skip Tracer's pack if infamous for changing its armour appearances after the items were already released. This set includes the well-known Revan's Set (including his mask!), as well as the slick Spymaster, Phantom and Despot's outfits.

All Skip Tracer's Packs Armor Screenshots

Fancy Reveler

Fancy Reveler   Armour screenshot by Scya of Raiiya, Jung Ma from SWTOR.

Conservator’s Armor Set

Conservator’s Armor Set   Armour screenshot by Vermouth, Jar

Despot’s Armor Set

Despot’s Armor Set   Armour screenshot by Anonymous from SWTOR.