SWTOR Cartel Pursuer's Bounty Pack Armor Screenshots

The Pursuer's Bounty packs include a random assortment of items from this list, from companion gifts to mounts. Some of the rewards included adaptive armor which can be worn by all classes and is bind-on-equip.

Pursuer's Bounty Pack Armor and Cosmetic Items

  • Potent Champion Chestguard
  • Potent Champion Pants
  • Potent Champion Utility Belt
  • Potent Champion Gloves
  • Potent Champion Boots
  • Energetic Champion Chestguard
  • Energetic Champion Pants
  • Energetic Champion Utility Belt
  • Energetic Champion Gloves
  • Energetic Champion Boots
  • Dynamic Sleuth Mask
  • Dynamic Sleuth Body Armor
  • Dynamic Sleuth Pants
  • Dynamic Sleuth Belt
  • Dynamic Sleuth Gloves
  • Dynamic Sleuth Boots
  • Voltaic Sleuth Mask
  • Voltaic Sleuth Body Armor
  • Voltaic Sleuth Pants
  • Voltaic Sleuth Belt
  • Voltaic Sleuth Gloves
  • Voltaic Sleuth Boots
  • Voltaic Sleuth Mask
  • Atton Rand's Jacket
  • Atton Rand's Pants
  • Atton Rand's Belt
  • Atton Rand's Gloves
  • Atton Rand's Boots
  • Atton Rand's Cuffs
  • Cassus Fett's Helmet
  • Cassus Fett's Body Armor
  • Cassus Fett's Greaves
  • Cassus Fett's Belt
  • Cassus Fett's Gauntlets
  • Cassus Fett's Boots
  • Cassus Fett's Wristguards
      • Trophy Hunter's Mask
        • Series 512 Cybernetic Cerebrum
        • Series 512 Cybernetic Torso
        • Series 512 Cybernetic Leg
        • Series 512 Cybernetic Support Belt
        • Series 512 Cybernetic Hand
        • Series 512 Cybernetic Feet

        Pursuer's Armor

        The Pursuer bounty pack includes two lore armors. Atton Rand from KOTOR II is one of your many companions, first captured on a PEragus mining ship. Cassus Fett is from the expanded universe, shown prominently in many Star Wars comics in his golden armor, and even mentioned in the KOTOR games. The pack also includes a rare mask called the Trophy Hunter's mask, which depicts an animal's skull that covers the wearer's entire face. The pack also includes two types of formal dresses, a newly coloured and slightly different Cybernetic set, and four new fairly simple animated armors.