SWTOR Cartel Packs Armor

Cartel Packs can either be bought from the GTN for credits or with Cartel Coins (which are purchased with real money). They contain a random assortment of items from a set list, each pack contains and different set of possible items. All armors obtained from the packs are tradeable, sellable, and wearable by all classes and armorweights.

Pursuer's Bounty Pack

Freelancer Bounty Cartel Pack

Supreme Mogul's Contraband Cartel Pack

Archon's Contraband Cartel Pack

Vice Commandant's Contraband Cartel Packs

Enforcer's and Regulator's Contraband Cartel Packs

Space Pirate's Cartel Packs

Skip Tracer's Cartel Packs

Blockade Runner's Cartel Packs

Crime Lord's and Black Market Cartel Packs