SWTOR Cartel Freelancer Bounty Pack Armor Screenshots

Released on August 21, 2012, previews released on Aug 19, 2013. Looking for a guide that includes previews of the items/mounts? Check out Dulfy's SWTOR Contractor and Freelancer Bounty packs preview.

The Contractor and Freelancer Bounty packs include a random assortment of items from this list, from companion gifts to mounts. Some of the rewards included adaptive armor which can be worn by all classes and is bind-on-equip.

Freelancer Bounty Pack Armor and Cosmetic Items

  • Dynamic Vandal Hat
  • Dynamic Vandal Duster
  • Dynamic Vandal Pants
  • Dynamic Vandal Belt
  • Dynamic Vandal Gloves
  • Dynamic Vandal Boots
  • .
  • Voltaic Vandal Hat
  • Voltaic Vandal Duster
  • Voltaic Vandal Pants
  • Voltaic Vandal Belt
  • Voltaic Vandal Gloves
  • Voltaic Vandal Boots
  • .
  • Energetic Combatant Headgear
  • Energetic Combatant Chestguard
  • Energetic Combatant Lower Robes
  • Energetic Combatant Utility Belt
  • Energetic Combatant Gloves
  • Energetic Combatant Boots
  • .
  • Potent Combatant Headgear
  • Potent Combatant Chestguard
  • Potent Combatant Lower Robes
  • Potent Combatant Utility Belt
  • Potent Combatant Gloves
  • Potent Combatant Boots
  • .
  • Mandalore the Preserver's Helmet
  • Mandalore the Preserver's Chest Plate
  • Mandalore the Preserver's Leg Plates
  • Mandalore the Preserver's Belt
  • Mandalore the Preserver's Gloves
  • Mandalore the Preserver's Boots
  • .
  • Darth Sion's Sash
  • Darth Sion's Leggings
  • Darth Sion's Vambrace
  • Darth Sion's Shinguards
  • .
  • Series 505 Cybernetic Cerebrum
  • Series 505 Cybernetic Torso
  • Series 505 Cybernetic Leg
  • Series 505 Cybernetic Support Belt
  • Series 505 Cybernetic Hand
  • Series 505 Cybernetic Feet
  • .
  • Unfettered Trench Coat
  • .
  • Minimalist Gladiator Chestguard
  • .
  • Ceremonial Headdress
  • .
  • Sacramental Headdress
  • .
  • Rotworm Practice Jersey
  • .

Freelancer Armor

This bounty pack is the first to feature animated armor. The two Vandal sets (Dyanmic and Voltaic) as well as the two Combatant sets (Potent and Energetic) have a subtle glow/pulse animation on their colored lines.

The pack also includes more revealing clothing, including the Unfettered Trench Coat which is an open trench coat with only a bandeaux for females and a bare chest for males. The Minimalist Gladiator Chestguard is a version of the Republic Trooper's PvP army, that lacks armor plates on the side and which can be worn by any class (above: Centurion Combat-Tech).

The most unique armor set in this pack is the Series 505 Cybernetic Armor Set. It is the first armor in SWTOR that does not wrap around the lines of your character's body: instead, it actually shows cybernetic parts, and absent muscle on your character.

In line with the Varactyl being released with this pack, two feathered headresses were also released: the Ceremonial Headdress and Sacramental Headdress, which take to dye module colors very well. Opening a Freelancer bounty pack can also net you a Rotworm / Frogdog Practice Jersey, the vinyl-like Concealed Bodysuit Armor Set, the mesh-like RV-03 Speedsuit Set or even Mandalore the Preserver's Armor Set complete with tubes and a mask.

For those who are collecting lore items, this pack includes Darth Sion's Armor Set. Darth Sion was a key character in KOTOR II, a Darth who's body is fractured and broken, held together only by the darkside of the force.