All SWTOR Dye Module Colors

Below is a list of all the dye colors currently available in TOR. Dyes can be used to color your armor.

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Medium Gray and Dark Green (Cartel)
White and Black (Cartel)
Black and Dark Purple (Cartel)
Black and White (Cartel)
Dark Brown and Medium Brown (Cartel)
Medium Green and Dark Green (Cartel)
Dark Green and White (Cartel)
Dark Purple and Deep Yellow (Cartel)
Dark Purple and Light Blue (Cartel)
Deep Red and Dark Purple (Cartel)
Deep Red and Deep Yellow (Cartel)
Medium Brown and White (Cartel)
Black and Black (Cartel)
Dark Blue and White (Cartel)
Light Blue and Medium Blue (Cartel)
Dark Blue and Light Brown (Cartel)
Dark Blue and Deep Red (Cartel)
Dark Brown and White (Cartel)
Deep Pink and Deep Purple (Cartel)
Deep Red and Dark Blue (Cartel)
Deep Red and White (Cartel)
Medium Gray and White (Cartel)
Pale Gray and Dark Yellow (Cartel)
White and White (Cartel)
Medium Orange and Medium Blue (Cartel)
Pale Red and Pale Brown (Cartel)
Dark Yellow and Medium Yellow (Cartel)
Dark Purple and Light Purple (Cartel)
Medium Brown and Medium Green (Cartel)
Pale Blue and Pale Gray Dye (Cartel)
Deep Purple and Medium Pink (Cartel)
Medium Red and Medium Green (Cartel)
Medium Orange and Light Green (Cartel)
Pale Blue and Medium Purple (Cartel)
Medium Orange and Pale Yellow (Cartel)
Dark Red and Pale Red (Cartel)
Dark Purple and Black Dye Module Dark Purple and Black (Cartel)
Light Gray and Deep Blue Dye Module Light Gray and Deep Blue (Cartel)
Deep Gray and Black Dye Module Deep Gray and Black (Cartel)
Secondary Deep Green (Crft)
Primary Pale Brown (Crft)
Dark Blue and Deep Green (Crft)
Primary Light Orange (Crft)
Primary Deep Green (Crft)
Light Orange and White (Crft)
Primary Medium Gray (Crft)
Primary Deep Purple (Crft)
Deep Green and Dark Blue (Crft)
White and Light Orange (Crft)
Secondary Pale Brown (Crft)
Secondary Medium Gray (Crft)
Secondary Light Orange (Crft)
Secondary Deep Purple (Crft)
Light Gray and Deep Red (GSI)
Deep Red and Light Gray (Makeb)
Deep Red and Black (Sec X)
Deep Blue and Black (Voss)
Black and Deep Blue (CZ-198)
Black and Primary Red (Oricon)
Deep Green and Medium Yellow (CE)
Deep Orange and Deep Red (CE)
Black and Medium Yellow (CE)
Deep Purple and Medium Green (CE)
White and Deep Red (Security Key)

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